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The winegrower's work

Before enjoying a glass of the famous champagne drink, a lot of work takes places in the vineyards. Discover the different stages of growing champagne grapes, from pruning to harvesting. 

Champagne Y&A Launois - La taille
Champagne Y&A Launois - La brume de déce
Champagne Y&A Launois - L'ébourgeonnage
Champagne Y&A Launois - Le Palissage
Champagne Y&A Launois - Le rognage
Champagne Y&A Launois - La vendange


From November to March, it is time to prune the vine. Pruning enables the winegrower to control the height and growth of the vine as well as the yield and quality of the future grapes. The vine shoots are cut back, the supporting stakes are checked and repaired and the wires are tightened and fastened. In our vineyards, all located in Verneuil, we use three different types of pruning, guyot simple for the Pinot Meunier grapes, Cordon de Royat for the Pinot Noir and chablis for Chardonnay . 



When pruning is over (March-April), we tie the branches to the wires. 

Removing unwanted buds


When the vine starts to grow, we lower the wires and remove all the unwanted buds.  

Lifting the wires e& sorting the branches

In April/May, the buds start to open, the first leaves appearr and the grapes start to form. It is time to lift the wires and tidy all the branches to allow the tractor to work between teh rows. 

Cutting the tops & sides


As temperatures rise, the vine grows quickly. The tractor cuts the tops and the sides while the winegrower completes its action with cutters. 


During the Summer, tests are carried out to determine whether the grapes are ripe (degree and acidity) enough to be harvested. 

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